2018 Election Year Information

2018 is a general election year and Weber County will again be mailing ballots to every active registered voter about three weeks before each election. The offices listed in our 2018 Notice of Election are up for election. More information on who has filed and how to file for office can be found on our candidates page.

Primary Election Information – June 26

Primary Elections are a process through which the voters of political parties decide who will represent their party on the ballot in the November General Election. As such, political parties, not the county, set the rules regarding which registered voters can participate in their primary elections. All registered voters will be eligible to participate in the November elections regardless of party affiliation.

Democratic Party

All voters regardless of affiliation. Registered Democrats will receive this ballot by default, any other registered voter may request a Democratic Ballot.

Republican Party

Only registered Republicans can vote a Republican ballot; however, unaffiliated voters may join the Republican Party and receive a Republican ballot. Voters registered with any other recognized political party in Utah is not eligible for the Republican ballot. Registered Republicans will receive this ballot by default.

Nonpartisan Races

Primaries for local school board are open to all registered voters within the board district boundaries regardless of political party affiliation. These races will also appear on all Republican and Democratic Ballots.

Primary Sample Ballots

General Election – November 6

The General Election will be held on November 6, 2018. More information will be posted as it comes closer.