Primary Elections are a process through which the voters of political parties decide who will represent their party on the ballot in the November General Election. As such, political parties, not the county, set the rules regarding which registered voters can participate in their primary elections. All registered voters will be eligible to participate in the November elections regardless of party affiliation.

June Primary Election Eligibility Rules

The Democratic and Republican parties will be holding a Primary Election. Registered Democrats and Unaffiliated voters who have requested a Democratic ballot may vote in the Democratic Primary. Only registered Republicans may vote in the Republican Primary. The political party selected on your most recent registration form determines the ballot you will receive.

DEMOCRAT – Will automatically receive the Democratic ballot

REPUBLICAN – Will automatically receive the Republican ballot

UNAFFILIATED – May request the Democratic ballot (it is not necessary to affiliate with the party) OR Affiliate with and receive the Republican Party ballot.

GREEN, CONSTITUTION, LIBERTARIAN, INDEPENDENT AMER. UNITED UTAH – Will not receive a ballot. May affiliate with the Democratic or Republican Party by June 19 and receive that Party’s ballot.

Voters may only vote one Primary ballot.

Important Deadlines

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Utah Legislature passed HB 3006 which changes how this election will be conducted. To protect your right to vote while maintaining the health of our community please abide by the following deadlines to receive your ballot in the mail and VOTE FROM HOME.

June 9 - Ballots mailed to all active/eligible registered voters (will arrive around June 12)

June 18 - Contact us if you have not received your ballot in the mail. This will allow time to correct any issues and mail you a new ballot.

June 19 - Last day to register to vote by mail, in person, or electronic. Must be received in the county clerk/auditor’s office by 5pm.

June 19 - Last day a voter may change political parties and be eligible to vote in a closed Primary Election

Important - Same day registration will NOT be allowed on Election Day. If you are not registered to vote by June 19, you will not be able to vote in-person on Primary Election Day.

June 24 - Early voting will not be available.

June 29 – By mail postmark deadline - if in doubt, place in a ballot drop box

June 30 – Election Day

  • Registered voters who did not receive a ballot in the mail can obtain a replacement ballot at the Weber County Fair Grounds from 7:00am – 8:00pm.

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