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Voter Information Pamphlet

2018 is a General Election year with various federal, state, and local offices up for election. Click each tab below to view who is running for office.

Federal, State, County, and Local School Board:

Federal Offices

For the most current state and federal filings, please visit Our site will be updated periodically.

U.S. Senator Party City Phone Email
Mitt Romney Republican Orem (385) 233-5272
Jenny Wilson Democratic Salt Lake City (801) 244-2347
Tim Aalders Constitution Highland (801) 706-1484
Craig R. Bowden Libertarian North Ogden (385) 288-0674
Reed C McCandless Independent American Eagle Mountain (208) 604-8026
U.S. House 1 Party City Phone Email
Lee Castillo Democratic Layton (801) 900-7558
Rob Bishop Republican Brigham City (385) 266-9331
Eric Eliason United Utah Logan (801) 550-9371
Adam Davis Green South Jordan (801) 690-0096

State Offices

For the most current state and federal filings, please visit Our site will be updated periodically.

State School Board District 1 Party City Phone Email
Jennie L. Earl Unaffiliated Morgan (801) 644-0622
Terryl Warner Unaffiliated Hyrum (435) 512-5241
State School Board District 2 Party City Phone Email
Scott L. Hansen Liberty 801-648-6476
Craig K. Pitts Ogden 385-321-5722
State Senate District 18 Party City Phone Email
Ann Millner Republican Ogden 801-900-3897
Jason Yu Democratic Ogden 385-515-0871
Kevin L. Bryan Libertarian Ogden 801-726-2915
State Representative District 7 Party City Phone Email
Kyle R. Andersen Republican North Ogden 801-686-7428
David Owen Democratic North Ogden 801-644-7027
State Representative District 8 Party City Phone Email
Steve Waldrip Republican Eden 801-389-9329
Deana Froerer Democratic Huntsville 801-388-7162
State Representative District 9 Party City Phone Email
Kathie J. Darby Democratic West Haven 801-726-0736
Calvin R. Musselman Republican West Haven 801-941-6188
State Representative District 10 Party City Phone Email
Lorraine P. Brown Republican Ogden 801-643-3832
LaWanna "Lou" Shurtliff Democratic Ogden 801-479-0289
Terry D. Schow Write-in South Ogden 801-627-2058
State Representative District 11 Party City Phone Email
Kelly B. Miles Republican Ogden 801-458-8270
Jason M. Allen Democratic Washington Terrace 801-540-0334
State Representative District 12 Party City Phone Email
Mike Schultz Republican Hooper 801-564-7618
Rick Edwin Jones Democratic West Haven 801-731-0391
State Representative District 29 Party City Phone Email
Kerry M. Wayne Democratic Marriott-Slaterville 801-675-2107
Lee B. Perry Republican Perry 435-734-2864

County Offices
County Commissioner A Party City Phone Email
Gage Froerer Republican Huntsville 801-391-4233
County Commissioner B Party City Phone Email
Scott K Jenkins Republican Plain City 801-731-5120
Neil Hansen Democratic Ogden 801-393-1514
County Attorney Party City Phone Email
Chris Allred Republican Ogden 801-510-2078
County Clerk/Auditor Party City Phone Email
Ricky Hatch Republican Ogden 801-668-0909
John H. Thompson Democratic Ogden 801-621-1808
County Sheriff Party City Phone Email
Ryan Arbon Republican North Ogden 801-710-4117

Local School Board
Ogden School Board District 2 City Phone Email
Douglas B. Barker Ogden 801-393-8743
David L. Smith Ogden 801-392-5044
Ogden School Board District 4 City Phone Email
Sunni Wilkinson Ogden 801-388-7279
Iain Hueton Ogden 801-391-8772
Ogden School Board District 7 City Phone Email
Joyce J. Wilson Ogden 801-644-5712
Saren Eyre Loosli Ogden 435-705-4302
Weber School Board District 1 City Phone Email
Dean L. Oborn North Ogden 801-540-6891
Weber School Board District 2 City Phone Email
Jan Burrell Roy 801-726-3606
Marcia Geilmann Roy 801-775-0910
Weber School Board District 3 City Phone Email
Bruce Jardine Ogden 801-725-9550
Weber School Board District 4 City Phone Email
Paul J. Widdison Hooper 435-279-0332
Stacy Palen Marriott-Slaterville 801-920-6463
Weber School Board District 6 City Phone Email
Janis Christensen Ogden 801-941-6431