Utah law requires ID to be shown at the polls prior to voting. All documents must have the Voter’s Name and at least one must state an address that proves that the voter resides within the voting precinct.

Under §20A-1-102(84) Valid Voter identification is:

ONE (1) of the following:

  • Currently valid Utah Driver License
  • Currently valid State ID Card
  • Currently valid ID card issued by a Federal agency
  • Currently valid Utah concealed weapon permit
  • Currently valid US Passport
  • Currently valid US Military ID card


Please present TWO (2) documents from the following list:

  • Current UT vehicle registration
  • A current utility bill dated within 90 days before the Election*
  • Financial account statement*
  • Certified birth certificate
  • Valid social security card
  • A check issued by the Federal or State government
  • A paycheck from the voter’s employer
  • A currently valid Utah hunting or fishing license
  • Certified naturalization document
  • A currently valid license issued by an authorized agency of the US
  • Certified copy of voter’s Marriage License, Name Change, or Adoption
  • A valid Medicaid card, Medicare card, or Electronic Benefits Transfer Card (EBTC)
  • Currently valid employer ID card
  • A currently valid ID card issued by a local Utah government
  • School ID card for an in-State school

*A legible copy is acceptable.