Voter Registration Information

Voter Qualifications

Voter Registration is open to all Weber County residents that are:

  • Citizens of the United States
  • Residents of Utah for at least 30 days prior to Election Day
  • Be at least 18 years of age on or before the day of the General Election
  • 16-17 year olds may pre-register to vote and will automatically be sent a ballot when they officially become eligible to vote
  • Residing at the address where they are registering

Voter Registration Deadlines

The voter registration deadline is 5:00 pm eleven days before each election.

July 30 - Primary Election

Oct 22 - General Election

Online Voter Registration -

  • Requires a valid Utah Driver License*
  • Update voter registration or party affiliation
  • Mark a ballot preference for partisan primary elections

*First, update your UT Driver's License address online at - there's no need to stand in line and it's free. (The address printed on your UT Driver's License/ID card does not need to match your voter registration address). It may take 24-48 hours before the new address is active.

Mail In

Is a Utah Driver’s License required to register in Utah? NO

  • - If you don’t have a UT DL/ID card, you may register using the last 4 digits of your SSN.
    • The first time you vote you will be required to provide documentation that lists your name AND current address in Utah (Utility bill, lease agreement, pay stub, financial statement etc.) This documentation may be returned with your by mail ballot or returned to the Clerk/Auditor’s office prior to Election Day.

What is the difference between physical and mailing address?

  • - Physical address is where you consider to be your permanent/main residence (must be in Utah).
    • This address determines the candidates/issues that appear on your ballot (City Offices, Legislature, Senate districts etc.)
  • - Mailing address is where you would like the ballot to be mailed if different from your physical address (can be anywhere in the world).
    • If your mailing address is a temporary address, please submit a paper absentee ballot application or register online. Failure to do so will prevent future ballots from being delivered to you.

Citizens living Overseas or Military (serving outside of Utah)?

Am I required to affiliate with a political party? NO

  • - Party Affiliation only matters in June Primary Elections or for Political Party Caucus meetings/conventions (even numbered years).
  • - In November General elections, voters may vote for any candidate from any party.

Is there a deadline to register to vote? YES

  • - Voter registrations must be received 11 days prior to Election Day.

"Search by Address" - tab -

  • View sample ballot
  • View candidate profiles
  • Locate Voting Assistance Center
  • Find information on current elected officials

"Voter Info/Track Ballot" - tab -

  • Check your current registration status and party affiliation
    • - If your registration status is “Inactive”, we have reason to believe you no longer live at the address on your registration. Please submit a new voter registration form or contact Weber County Elections.
  • Track status of your by mail ballot